Katie Mehas, Editor-in-Chief

Emma Alvarez Gibson, Publisher


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Get real. Keep it real. Is this real life? “Real” women. “Real” men. Reality television. The Real McCoy. For real? It seems like we’re obsessed with reality – either searching for it or avoiding it.

For the next issue of Jack Move Magazine, we want to hear what you think on the subject of “Real.” Whether you’re firmly planted on the ground or lost in your own fantasy, how do you tackle the idea of what is real? Do you take the blue pill or the red pill? We are accepting submissions for this issue starting immediately and running through October 1. Send us your fiction, non-fiction, first-person, interviews, reviews, poetry, photography, and illustration.

Generally, written work should be no fewer than 500 words; we’re less picky about the length above and beyond that. Photographers should submit a series of at least 5 photos. Poets are welcome to send 1-3 poems at a time. Cover art submissions should be sized at 950×425 pixels, jpg only, compressed to 6, in sRGB mode.

Written work should be sent in the body of an email, not as an attachment. Visual work should be queried first. For both, email Katie Mehas.

Themes + Schedules

In order to provide a more steady stream of content for our readers, we now utilize a rolling posting schedule. Themes and submission schedules are as follows.

Real: Accepting content July 1-October 1.

Strength: Accepting content October 1-January 1.