By Bryon Sheffield I recently had an epiphany. Like the best of their kind, it was incredibly simple and overwhelmingly powerful. It was, simply, that it’s easy to forget how extraordinarily good we’ve got it.  We get busy; we get tired; we get frustrated. We suffer hardship; we suffer ridicule; we suffer injustice. We get so caught [...]

How to Get a Bad Tattoo: Advice From One Who Has Been There and Done That.


By Anonymous   Looking to get inked up any time soon?  Great.  Tattoos are pretty much hotness.  Or at least, good tattoos are.  The Bad Tattoo, though, is a serious art form in its own right.  The quality of the work itself doesn’t necessarily need to be shit, although that definitely adds a certain je [...]

An Open Letter to Homeless People

Homeless woman

By Will Conley I know there are some homeless people online. If you or someone you know (oh, you know homeless people, probably more of them than you realize) is homeless, near-homeless, or just plain financially hopeless, please read this open letter to the homeless, and pass it on. If you are homeless, pay no [...]