Night Sky

By Streetlights Imagination It was late and still warm outside, but what I remember most was the overwhelming darkness that hovered the air. It was its own entity – not a frightening one, just a knowledgeable one – and it comforted me. I felt small standing there. I was small in comparison to the hugeness [...]


Nuclear Family

By Emma Alvarez Gibson In the end, the police who showed up after I’d called 911 blamed it on me. I shouldn’t have spoken to my father that way, they said. I was 16 and had shown a distinct lack of respect, they said. Perhaps we should discuss it as a family over the dinner [...]

Clipping Strings

Clipping Strings

By Kristin Noelle I have this hunch that I’m exploring every day. A hunch that’s been doing a number on my life – changing the whole shape of it and the ways I think and feel about everything. So it’s a hunch that has WEIGHT. And the more I dig into it, sniffing around its [...]

The Plural for Fear


By Melanie Martin I now know that I have always been afraid. When you are so used to fear being present in your life, it’s hard to feel it and recognize it for what it is. The circumstances of my life spell out that pattern: mother left when I was three weeks old; went to [...]



By Streetlights Imagination I almost drowned once. I was a small child in the deep end of a pool during swimming lessons. The world went silent in those seconds, suffocating and wild. The sun seemed brighter under there, and I was transfixed. This isn’t that story, though. Later, as an adult, I found myself recovering [...]

The Dutiful One


By Ana Ottman Your mother calls you early one Sunday morning. “Your father was rushed to the hospital last night.” Fear: the emotion that clenches you like a desperate lover. It can’t be right; this sentence must belong to some other family. Your parents are still in their early 50s with a child in high [...]

Making Time My Bitch

Secured Time

By Erika Lyremark I spent a lot of time in the ’90s reading every book in existence on the topic of time management. Every. Single. One. (To say nothing of books on topics closely related to time management: clutter control, simplifying your life, etc., etc.) I wanted to be uber productive! I had an empire [...]



By Katie Mehas 587 days. It’s an estimate, and probably on the low side. But that’s roughly how long I’ve waited for sleep. At this writing, I am 11,223 days old. For the sake of argument, let’s say I spent the first five years of my life able to fall asleep on command. I have [...]

Love, Loss, and Learning to Be Human


By Shanna Trenholm Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. Kahlil Gibran Love and loss. We crave the first, fear the last…hell, we often fear the first one, too. Love pries us open, invites us to be vulnerable, out-of-control, and oddly, so does loss. These two [...]

And Then She Says…


By Marco Antonio Alvarez As a comic, you’re alone on stage armed with only a microphone and your thoughts. Musicians have an army and a whole arsenal of weapons; they can hide behind an instrument and their band. They break a string, forget some of the lyrics…no problem, just mumble it out like Elvis and [...]

We Should Be On By Now


By Emma Alvarez Gibson Remember when time was interminable? Nothing ever happened quickly enough. A week was ninety days long. A month was an entire year. A year was a lifetime. Time was the great enemy. That was a long time ago, I suppose, though it seems like just a couple of years. Time is [...]

Doing Time


By Meg Worden “Sorry it took me so long to respond. Time really gets away from you, doesn’t it? I have no idea where February even went!” When you’re in prison and get letters from people on the outside, they often start like this. These people mean well. What they’re saying is simply a reflex. [...]

Incept Dates


By Erin Kissane The central films of my adolescence were grotesque miracle plays about the trouble with death (Blade Runner) and reproduction (Alien and its first sequel). Both fictional universes are about struggling with sex and death — their meanings, but especially their rough edges and hard limits. I’ve watched Blade Runner every six months [...]

Of Butterflies and Cockroaches


By Katie Mehas   They talk a lot about butterflies. Those stupid forwarded emails, all those things you don’t need to hear. “Change is an opportunity…something something something butterflies.” “A meditation to calm your soul.” “A real friend is there for you (forward this 10 people or you’ll have bad luck for a year!).” They mean well, my [...]

Pop the Champagne (On Change)


By Kiki Murai   The name change was a biggie. Somewhere in the past six months, I learned to meet and embrace Change at the door, which often arrived wet and shivering from the New York rain. I offer it piping hot tea, knowing what it has seen and lost in a short time span: a job, a [...]

Origin Story: Transnationals


By Emily Manthei   I sit alone in my room on a two-inch-deep mattress made of what feels like a stack of notebook pages, mosquito net tucked tightly into the bed beneath it, and start scribbling frantically in my A4-sized journal. Then dark. The power cuts and with it the feeble air conditioning. Luckily, my laptop still has [...]

A Law Degree, a License to Practice, and a Trashy Novel


By Frankie Angelo   Before law school, I was a serious reader who read serious books by seriously intelligent authors. So were all of my friends, as far as I knew. Bestseller lists were generally a guide to what not to read. And, to get really specific, I was not a genre fiction reader. Oh, [...]

Jam Today


By Jane McLaughlin   “People always talk about being scared of change. Me? I’m more afraid of things staying the same.” So says Nick Cave in ‘Jesus of the Moon’. It’s a line that’s always had resonance for me, but never more so than this year. It’s a funny thing, we can coast along for years, [...]

Calling on Love: Randi Buckley on Motherhood

Randi Buckley

By Ana Ottman   “The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never.  A mother is something absolutely new.” (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) Randi Buckley has a compassionate, feminine spirit. As a leadership, relationship and team coach, conflict resolution and collaboration reign in her world. [...]

All The Things I Should Have Been


By Daniel Werneck   Everything I know I learned from punk rock. I don’t generally talk about this because I’m saving the subject for a book I want to write, but then again, it could be one of those dozens of other things that we spend our entire lives telling ourselves we’re going to do, [...]

Notes From a Former Street Kid

Street Kids

By Anonymous I was walking with a coworker. Perfumed, polished, our business casual slacks sharply snapping; our long, luxurious hair flouncing in the sunshine in downtown Vancouver. We encountered a crusty, dirty punk girl who, in a surly voice, asked if we had any change to spare. I paused to dig up some quarters from my pocket, while both [...]

One potent question


by Alexandra Franzen Towards the tail-end of 2010, I had the profound privilege of attending Marie Forleo’s Rich Happy and Hot LIVE conference in New York City. Three months later, I’m still shimmering with electricity. If you were there, you’d understand. The brilliant exercises, ideas and speakers I was exposed to at RHHLive left an [...]

Bespoke Opinion: Inception


by Barbara Csankova Can anybody really nail down the point of inception of some of her most deeply ingrained likes, habits, and tendencies?  Well, perhaps the ones that evolve – acquired tastes, for instance – but I’m convinced that some things are just in our nature.  I can’t really tell you when I first started [...]

Real Men, Medium Rare


By Kevin Byrne During one long broiling hot weekend over the summer, my father-in-law Stuart (a.k.a. “Stu”) and I put in a gray slate-stone pathway behind his ranch house in the rural countryside of western New Jersey. The individual stones were rough cut into rectangular shapes, weighing about 90 lbs apiece, and it was my [...]