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You Just Don’t Do That: Sarah Aroeste and Ladino Rock


By Emma Alvarez Gibson Sarah Aroeste was a trained, Ivy League-educated opera singer. For most of her life, opera had been everything. Until the day came when she realized, with undeniable clarity, that opera was not her calling. And not only that: she realized that her calling was, instead, an ancient musical tradition with very [...]

Playlist: Songs to Scare You


By Katie Mehas We couldn’t very well let our “Fear” issue pass us by without putting together a list of creepy songs. Emma and I would have had serious men in black suits and Robert Smith hair breaking down our doors to revoke our Goth Cards, and we can’t have that. And so I give [...]

I See Myself Preserved


By Eleanor Bennett ### Eleanor Leonne Bennett is a 16-year-old international award-winning photographer and artist who has won first places with National Geographic, The World Photography Organisation, Nature’s Best Photography, Papworth Trust, Mencap, The Woodland Trust, and Postal Heritage. Her photography has been published in The Telegraph, The Guardian, the BBC News website, and on [...]

Review: Art of Molly Crabapple Volume 1: Week in Hell

Week in Hell

By Katie Mehas At some point in every decent artist’s career, they begin to wonder if they have anything original to say. It’s the paradox of the art world; a mediocre artist can repeat the same tropes and claim brilliance, but any creative worth his or her salt is going to be wracked with fear [...]

Constrictive Creativity: Peter Glennie on Songwriting (and Horseback Riding)


By Ana Ottman To listen to Peter Glennie’s music is to be pulled back to another era. His melodies cast you in to a world of tragedy, heartbreak, war, jealousy, and other uplifting themes. A songwriter, composer, and producer, Peter’s first full-length solo album, Everyone Looks Good in Black, was self-released in mid-2011. You can [...]

A Conversation with Donny Miller (No Relation)


By Matthew Miller, All images by Donny Miller Charming raconteur, MMA enthusiast, and globally-recognized art hero Donny Miller is truly an artist unlike any other. His distinctive styles are often mimicked — barely a week goes by in which I don’t spot blatant ripoffs online, in fact — but the wit and verve behind his [...]

Jack Move Playlist #2: Change


By Lizzy Banoffee So, the conversation went a little something like this.  Emma: “Do you fancy doing another playlist?”  [Ed. note: I wish I had the guts to use even more Britishisms than I already do. More likely I said "D'ya wanna do another playlist, yo?" Cheers, luv!] Me: “Sure.  That would be cool!”  [Time [...]

Dear San Francisco: What change do you want to see?


By Amanda Rhoades “What the hell do you need my name for?”, 88 “I want to get us out of the Middle East and work to make the economic gap less severe. I don’t think I’m going to see that change in my lifetime; it’s going to take years. I’m 88 years old and I moved [...]

Vienna Concert Halls and Swedish Death Metal: A Conversation With Christine Wu


By Ana Ottman   Christine Wu is on a mission to revolutionize the way people interact with art music. She’s composed original music for film and original string arrangements for such artists as Kelly Clarkson and Usher. Christine has played with world-class symphonies and toured Carnegie Halls around the world. A resident of Los Angeles, she founded the [...]

Playing Like A Girl: Women in Electronica


By Nicolás Díaz   While pop culture critics become increasingly specialized each year, they also become more condescending when they write for the general public. Any weekday they can focus on nuances of Argentine comics during the dictatorship, except when they are asked to write for a national newspaper or some “men’s magazine”. In that case, Watchmen [...]

Tokyo in the Underbrush


By Dan Ryan   If I had read the instructions more clearly, these photographs would have gotten me into the photography program at the Yale University School of Art. But, like an idiot, I submitted this portfolio in print form rather than on 35mm slides as was required. Anyway, long story short: I didn’t get [...]

The Suburbs


by Amanda Rhoades   ###   Amanda Rhoades is a photographer hailing from the suburbs of Los Angeles and, when she’s not photographing unsuspecting citizens, she’s reading or frantically checking her email for college admissions decisions. The rest of her photography can be found at

When in Doubt, Just Hit Play


By Erica Swanson I hear it all the time. “I don’t know who I am, really.” “I know what I don’t want, but when it comes to what I DO want… well… er, I dunno.” “Um. I like neutral…?” You know EXACTLY who you are. Translating that into 3D form? Sure. I can sympathize with [...]

The Jack Move Playlist: Girls


by Lizzy B. In my old age I have spent many an hour in deep thought over a number of philosophical problems relating to music and musical taste.  For instance, what makes one person like a song and another turn off the radio?  What drives the artist to make music?  Why are there people in [...]



by Dylan Chorneau ### Dylan Chorneau didn’t go any where to learn anything, and he lives in Charlotte, NC. He doesn’t get paid for taking pictures necessarily so he is not a professional. He just really wants to take yours and everyone else’s picture.

La Ciudad

Redondo Pier

By Hector Ramos Redondo Pier Downtown Biltmore Hotel Harlem Alley ### All photos by Hector Ramos. All rights reserved.       Hector Ramos takes photos, plays hockey, and repeatedly haunts the same 3-5 watering holes in Hollywood and Los Feliz. He was easily talked into foolhardy antics in high school, such as jumping off [...]

I See Music: Night of the Lotus Eaters


By Erica Swanson She betrays. Reveals. Ignites. Traces history; defines experience, and weaves the tapestry of life more clearly than any other sensory experience. She reminds when we’d rather forget. She tempts with memories when the present threatens to overcome. She seduces; brings us to our knees; inspires; leads us to the waters of our creative pulse. She taunts, teases, playfully [...]

The Jack Move Guide to Rock Music


By Daniel L. Werneck Back in the long-lost days of pre-MTV music, people actually had the time to read music magazines, listen to the radio, talk to each other about music, and listen to lots of new bands in order to find the ones they liked the most. Sadly, the 21st century leaves no time [...]