The Dutiful One


By Ana Ottman Your mother calls you early one Sunday morning. “Your father was rushed to the hospital last night.” Fear: the emotion that clenches you like a desperate lover. It can’t be right; this sentence must belong to some other family. Your parents are still in their early 50s with a child in high [...]

San Bartolo


By Emma Alvarez Gibson She is crying, lying in a huge bed in a room with crumbling walls and the impermeable smell of decay. Her tiny blond brother sleeps next to her, so she turns to face the wall, careful not to shake the bed. She can’t explain, doesn’t want him to sense this wellspring [...]

Making Time My Bitch

Secured Time

By Erika Lyremark I spent a lot of time in the ’90s reading every book in existence on the topic of time management. Every. Single. One. (To say nothing of books on topics closely related to time management: clutter control, simplifying your life, etc., etc.) I wanted to be uber productive! I had an empire [...]

Incremental Experiments: An Interview with New Media Artist Peggy Nelson


By Emma Alvarez Gibson We may claim to be only “looking stuff up,” but our obsessive approach to online experience partakes less of the reference librarian and more of the fortune teller. [Peggy Nelson] As one does, I followed Peggy Nelson’s Ernest Shackleton Twitter account on the recommendation of an online friend. (Antarctic exploration being [...]



By Katie Mehas 587 days. It’s an estimate, and probably on the low side. But that’s roughly how long I’ve waited for sleep. At this writing, I am 11,223 days old. For the sake of argument, let’s say I spent the first five years of my life able to fall asleep on command. I have [...]

Love, Loss, and Learning to Be Human


By Shanna Trenholm Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. Kahlil Gibran Love and loss. We crave the first, fear the last…hell, we often fear the first one, too. Love pries us open, invites us to be vulnerable, out-of-control, and oddly, so does loss. These two [...]

Review: Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing by Roger Dooley


By Emma Alvarez Gibson Featuring 100 case studies and simple, practical suggestions for implementing their neuromarketing concepts, Roger Dooley’s Brainfluence is a tool every marketer needs, regardless of business size or scope. For the uninitiated, Dooley’s explanation of Neuromarketing is as follows: Neuromarketing is the application of neuroscience to marketing. Neuromarketing includes the direct use [...]

And Then She Says…


By Marco Antonio Alvarez As a comic, you’re alone on stage armed with only a microphone and your thoughts. Musicians have an army and a whole arsenal of weapons; they can hide behind an instrument and their band. They break a string, forget some of the lyrics…no problem, just mumble it out like Elvis and [...]

We Should Be On By Now


By Emma Alvarez Gibson Remember when time was interminable? Nothing ever happened quickly enough. A week was ninety days long. A month was an entire year. A year was a lifetime. Time was the great enemy. That was a long time ago, I suppose, though it seems like just a couple of years. Time is [...]

83 Novels


By Alberto Chimal (translated from the Spanish original) © Mauricio Alberto Martínez Chimal, Mexico, 2011 PROLOGUE The title does not lie: the following are 83 novels. Do not let yourself be deceived by commonplace notions. Instead, consider this: The narrated worlds are tiny on the page but they amplify themselves in the reader’s imagination. In [...]

Review: Art of Molly Crabapple Volume 1: Week in Hell

Week in Hell

By Katie Mehas At some point in every decent artist’s career, they begin to wonder if they have anything original to say. It’s the paradox of the art world; a mediocre artist can repeat the same tropes and claim brilliance, but any creative worth his or her salt is going to be wracked with fear [...]

Doing Time


By Meg Worden “Sorry it took me so long to respond. Time really gets away from you, doesn’t it? I have no idea where February even went!” When you’re in prison and get letters from people on the outside, they often start like this. These people mean well. What they’re saying is simply a reflex. [...]



By Dyana Valentine [Click for detail] Previously: Fecund Sleep ###   Dyana Valentine is all up in your face with the delicious, nutritious truth. She’s a professional instigator (seriously), a hot, brilliant mess, a fire hose in a garden hose world. She follows her own advice: be quick off the line and excited to fail. [...]

Constrictive Creativity: Peter Glennie on Songwriting (and Horseback Riding)


By Ana Ottman To listen to Peter Glennie’s music is to be pulled back to another era. His melodies cast you in to a world of tragedy, heartbreak, war, jealousy, and other uplifting themes. A songwriter, composer, and producer, Peter’s first full-length solo album, Everyone Looks Good in Black, was self-released in mid-2011. You can [...]

A Conversation with Donny Miller (No Relation)


By Matthew Miller, All images by Donny Miller Charming raconteur, MMA enthusiast, and globally-recognized art hero Donny Miller is truly an artist unlike any other. His distinctive styles are often mimicked — barely a week goes by in which I don’t spot blatant ripoffs online, in fact — but the wit and verve behind his [...]

How Fast Do Toenails Grow?

Hospital bed

By Michael John Burrows I woke Norbert and told him we had to go downstairs for a test. His bones, laden with years, stretched a good length of the bed and looked heavy as lead. The notes said one-person transfer, but I had my doubts. “Maybe we should wait for help,” I said. He shook [...]

Review: The Last Storyteller by Frank Delaney

The Last Storyteller

By Emma Alvarez Gibson In prose that is by turns breathtakingly rich and devastatingly simple, Frank Delaney’s latest novel, The Last Storyteller, deals primarily in loss and love. And what else is there, really? It’s written as a letter from Ben McCarthy (also the protagonist of Venetia Kelly’s Traveling Show and The Matchmaker of Kenmare, [...]

Incept Dates


By Erin Kissane The central films of my adolescence were grotesque miracle plays about the trouble with death (Blade Runner) and reproduction (Alien and its first sequel). Both fictional universes are about struggling with sex and death — their meanings, but especially their rough edges and hard limits. I’ve watched Blade Runner every six months [...]

Taking a Nap at the Movie Theater

Movie Theater

By Nicolás Díaz Boredom has become a popular topic in discussions about cinema. Last year, The Tree of Life raised debates about the importance of films “with no plot.” Other critics and viewers felt dissatisfaction with Drive, a movie marketed as an action thriller which turned out to be atmospheric and slow-paced. Leaving the quality [...]