The Tree

Avocado Tree

By Randy Lugo That morning, the idea crossed Mary’s mind that she would never again see the sun pouring down like a shower of corn. It was raining, drops crashing blindly against the earth, the roof quivering after each thunder. Like she did every morning, Mary fixed some coffee and sat in the kitchen to [...]


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By Dyana Valentine [Click for detail] Previously: Divot ###   Dyana Valentine is all up in your face with the delicious, nutritious truth. She’s a professional instigator (seriously), a hot, brilliant mess, a fire hose in a garden hose world. She follows her own advice: be quick off the line and excited to fail. Titillated? [...]


Night Sky

By Streetlights Imagination It was late and still warm outside, but what I remember most was the overwhelming darkness that hovered the air. It was its own entity – not a frightening one, just a knowledgeable one – and it comforted me. I felt small standing there. I was small in comparison to the hugeness [...]

Belinda Blignaut: On Exploding, Imploding, and Starting Over


 By Emma Alvarez Gibson Belinda and I met on Twitter and bonded over old punk songs, science fiction, and the fact that we’re “tough chicks who are softies on the inside,” as she puts it. And then I got a look at her art and was blown away. Stark, raw, sometimes mocking, sometimes painful, it [...]

From Salford Quays to Piccadilly

Piccadilly Metrolink

By P.R. McDowell These lines ain’t half seen some action… Boy-like blokes play fighting Voices raising to sarcastic one-up competitive slurs, They sway and curse under street-light stages. Not so bright Orange girls Dressed up in extended fakery from head to toe; Hold hands for balance not provided by thick high heels. They repeat a [...]

You Just Don’t Do That: Sarah Aroeste and Ladino Rock


By Emma Alvarez Gibson Sarah Aroeste was a trained, Ivy League-educated opera singer. For most of her life, opera had been everything. Until the day came when she realized, with undeniable clarity, that opera was not her calling. And not only that: she realized that her calling was, instead, an ancient musical tradition with very [...]


Nuclear Family

By Emma Alvarez Gibson In the end, the police who showed up after I’d called 911 blamed it on me. I shouldn’t have spoken to my father that way, they said. I was 16 and had shown a distinct lack of respect, they said. Perhaps we should discuss it as a family over the dinner [...]


Macy's 4th of July fireworks 2010, New York City

By Robert Greer enforced fun (for the first five minutes) after that, an ejaculating racket ordinarily tortious but for the worship of the warships and what-fer and for what? the nationalism priapism bursting our biospheric bubble, leaving us to float alone in the breath-strangled, star-spangled rubble? hot dogs are barbed cocks slicing you up from [...]

An Interview with Wollstonecraft’s Jordan Stratford

Jordan Stratford

By Jack Move Staff When Jordan Stratford took to Kickstarter to rally funding for his forthcoming book, Wollstonecraft, he set a modest goal of $4,000 — enough to pay for the book’s production costs. It wasn’t long before he blasted past this goal, landing at a staggering $91,751 by the time the campaign was complete. [...]

Living in the Spin Cycle


By Howie Good It isn’t actually a wrecked stock car. I just call it that, the top two floors occupied, and the lower 48 on fire. The mirror on the wall has mastered the technique of waiting graciously for someone to appear. Meanwhile, I listen to the insect-like buzz of my own blood in embarrassed [...]

Even Better Than the Real Thing – Reality & Audio Production

IMG_0142_rt (1) (1)

By Jim Sclavunos What better way to kick off our Real issue than by featuring a first-person account from the inimitable Jim Sclavunos? Here’s a man who’s got roughly 87 irons in the fire at any given moment, and has one hell of a track record to show for it. Sclavunos plays drums for Nick Cave & The [...]



By Kevin Byrne you’re a white shark in the bloody murk like the devil’s spawn, a butcher’s work a grizzly growl on the mountain pass setting panic that frays my nerves to glass the viral ooze of a germy hand in a thoughtless, lifeless, bony land the lover’s fist that swats me down or that [...]

Clipping Strings

Clipping Strings

By Kristin Noelle I have this hunch that I’m exploring every day. A hunch that’s been doing a number on my life – changing the whole shape of it and the ways I think and feel about everything. So it’s a hunch that has WEIGHT. And the more I dig into it, sniffing around its [...]

Get Out of My Dream


By Alec Rojas It took some persuading, but I managed to convince her to have a drink with me on Friday. I was nothing but apologetic. She didn’t know why I was apologizing, but I know I did something wrong three months ago and I had to say I was sorry. I was just too [...]

Review: Sea of Trees by Robert James Russell

Sea of Trees

By Katie Mehas Japan’s Aokigahara Forest (also known as the Sea of Trees) is a bizarre and fascinating cultural phenomenon – a secluded spot where scores of people go each year in order to commit suicide. (A Daily Mail article places the number at up to 100 each year.) In Robert James Russell’s atmospheric novella, [...]

The Plural for Fear


By Melanie Martin I now know that I have always been afraid. When you are so used to fear being present in your life, it’s hard to feel it and recognize it for what it is. The circumstances of my life spell out that pattern: mother left when I was three weeks old; went to [...]


3 - Divot

By Dyana Valentine [Click for detail] Previously: Taint ###   Dyana Valentine is all up in your face with the delicious, nutritious truth. She’s a professional instigator (seriously), a hot, brilliant mess, a fire hose in a garden hose world. She follows her own advice: be quick off the line and excited to fail. Titillated? [...]

How to Keep Moving Through Fear


By Andrew Lightheart You know the kind of fear that makes you put things off, that means you don’t pick up the phone, send the email, have the conversation? The mild-to-medium dread that I, for one, feel regularly throughout the day? That’s what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about the kind of anxiety that [...]

Midnight Haiku

Night City

By Virginie Colline at a street corner two headlights pierce the darkness the crime hour has struck a ghostly pale face behind the naked window fear rushes through her shadows on the wall an army of black dragons lurk around the room a brief gulp of air before the night engulfs her hell and the [...]

Playlist: Songs to Scare You


By Katie Mehas We couldn’t very well let our “Fear” issue pass us by without putting together a list of creepy songs. Emma and I would have had serious men in black suits and Robert Smith hair breaking down our doors to revoke our Goth Cards, and we can’t have that. And so I give [...]



By Streetlights Imagination I almost drowned once. I was a small child in the deep end of a pool during swimming lessons. The world went silent in those seconds, suffocating and wild. The sun seemed brighter under there, and I was transfixed. This isn’t that story, though. Later, as an adult, I found myself recovering [...]

knives in.


By Alec Rojas what technique works better? double or single roll, the filter before or after, tobacco or clean, or shall i tie it tight on both sides? this the closest i can get to talking about a katana. it’s a carefree practice for you and me in the city. i can only imagine the [...]

Spirit Guide Plays Guitar

Spirit Guide

By Peter Morrison It’s a Saturday night and all the people are out. It’s December, and there is a Christmas air to the world, even though it’s stormy. People are wearing their best clothes, new jackets, scarves, and it’s pouring rain, coming down so hard it’s running in streams down the street. But they are [...]

I See Myself Preserved


By Eleanor Bennett ### Eleanor Leonne Bennett is a 16-year-old international award-winning photographer and artist who has won first places with National Geographic, The World Photography Organisation, Nature’s Best Photography, Papworth Trust, Mencap, The Woodland Trust, and Postal Heritage. Her photography has been published in The Telegraph, The Guardian, the BBC News website, and on [...]