Even Better Than the Real Thing – Reality & Audio Production

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By Jim Sclavunos What better way to kick off our Real issue than by featuring a first-person account from the inimitable Jim Sclavunos? Here’s a man who’s got roughly 87 irons in the fire at any given moment, and has one hell of a track record to show for it. Sclavunos plays drums for Nick Cave & The [...]

How to Keep Moving Through Fear


By Andrew Lightheart You know the kind of fear that makes you put things off, that means you don’t pick up the phone, send the email, have the conversation? The mild-to-medium dread that I, for one, feel regularly throughout the day? That’s what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about the kind of anxiety that [...]

Taking a Nap at the Movie Theater

Movie Theater

By Nicolás Díaz Boredom has become a popular topic in discussions about cinema. Last year, The Tree of Life raised debates about the importance of films “with no plot.” Other critics and viewers felt dissatisfaction with Drive, a movie marketed as an action thriller which turned out to be atmospheric and slow-paced. Leaving the quality [...]

DIY Blog Updatery


By Paul Jarvis   First off, if you understood the title for this, then yes, “Updatery” is a word. Secondly, if you’re serious about your blog or website, hire a professional to do it. You wouldn’t attempt self dentistry, would you? That said, here are a few things you can do yourself to spice things [...]

Playing Like A Girl: Women in Electronica


By Nicolás Díaz   While pop culture critics become increasingly specialized each year, they also become more condescending when they write for the general public. Any weekday they can focus on nuances of Argentine comics during the dictatorship, except when they are asked to write for a national newspaper or some “men’s magazine”. In that case, Watchmen [...]

When in Doubt, Just Hit Play


By Erica Swanson I hear it all the time. “I don’t know who I am, really.” “I know what I don’t want, but when it comes to what I DO want… well… er, I dunno.” “Um. I like neutral…?” You know EXACTLY who you are. Translating that into 3D form? Sure. I can sympathize with [...]

Recession Obsession

vdeux lace ring

by Suzy Nightingale It can be vampish goth in black, slutty in red, punky ripped, virginal in white. It may remind us of wedding veils, christening gowns, Victorian traditions of High Mourning, prostitutes, mistresses, and granny’s curtains. Depending on how it’s styled and the attitude it’s worn with, lace can be any of these things [...]

Toxic Waste Management

Toxic Rat

by Shanna Trenholm People, love ‘em or hate ‘em, are everywhere these days. It’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without bumping into them. They hang out at the mall, at work, the farmer’s market—hell, they’re in your living room! People seem to be out in droves, taking up space, physical and emotional, wherever they happen [...]

The Human Being at Work and Love: From the Perspective of the Casual Television Viewer

outer space

By Justin Rogers From the dawn of time human beings have gazed into the starry skies and wondered, ‘Are we being watched?’ The ancient Greeks, in their classically infinite wisdom answered: ‘Yes! And by a Bear! Just there, can’t you see it?’ A sentiment that endured through the centuries until Copernicus’ infamous rejoinder: ‘No. Wha- [...]

Volunteer Gigs That Don’t Suck (You Dry)


By Alexandra Franzen Away with thee, bake sales! Begone, badly-designed t-shirts! This is the 2Ks. It’s time to come out of the mothball-scented closet. Volunteering has gotten a bad rap as a purely “selfless” activity, where “selfless” equals “dreary” and “boring.” But servitude doesn’t need to be “selfless”, or even selfless — in fact, it can be gloriously self-serving…in a [...]

Living in the Questions


By Michelle Ward Discovering what you wanna be when you grow up is a process. There are skills to identify, values to name, responsibilities to consider, questions to ask & get answered, truths to uncover, false beliefs to conquer, and tons of self-reflection to, um, reflect on. As The When I Grow Up Coach, I [...]

I See Music: Night of the Lotus Eaters


By Erica Swanson She betrays. Reveals. Ignites. Traces history; defines experience, and weaves the tapestry of life more clearly than any other sensory experience. She reminds when we’d rather forget. She tempts with memories when the present threatens to overcome. She seduces; brings us to our knees; inspires; leads us to the waters of our creative pulse. She taunts, teases, playfully [...]

Purge: The $100 Wardrobe Challenge


By Shanna Trenholm “In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow What’s that? Wait! It’s moving. Under there. Under that pile of unopened bills, crocheted ponchos, and fast food wrappers. Yes, that quivery mass there, what is it? Hey—I think that’s your life! What happened to it? How [...]