Five Stories

Five Stories

By S. Kay Five stories for Jack Move, taken from S. Kay’s microfiction collection VICIOUS LITTLE STORY (currently submitted for consideration as a book). Context The student’s nude photo appears. He spills a drink reaching for his phone to delete it before his wife sees, but fails. Finals again.   Directions In dark skies flashing [...]

Rougaille de Poisson


By Fritz Bogott Rougaille de poisson Fresh fish 1 onion, halved and sliced 2 cloves garlic, chopped 1 thumb-sized chunk ginger, peeled and chopped 4 Carri chilies, seeded and chopped 2 large tomatoes, peeled, seeded and chopped 1 bunch cilantro, stems removed, chopped 1 sprig thyme Olive oil Salt and pepper According to his last [...]



by Dyana Valentine [Click for detail] ### Dyana Valentine is all up in your face with the delicious, nutritious truth. She’s a professional instigator (seriously), a hot, brilliant mess, a fire hose in a garden hose world. She follows her own advice: be quick off the line and excited to fail. Titillated? Sure you are. [...]

The Upward Spiral


by Chris Lites Last week I was reading a 90-second spot off a teleprompter to raise money for the tsunami victims (200,000) now I’m downplaying the number one opening of my new film (20.5 mil) to an Access Hollywood reporter. The words are just spilling out of my mouth that the publicists prepped me for [...]

A June Defection

Lost Cloud

by Berit Ellingsen The city was squeezed in between the black fjord and seven tall mountains, so tightly that one mountain had its foot in the city center. The streets and buildings filled the space between the surrounding giants like water in a bowl, reached with teetering villas and terraced roads as far up the [...]

How Atlantis Endures


By Alberto Chimal “The idea is this: you take the hose…” “That one? The water hose?” “That’s right.” “Right.” “Right. Well, you take it, go down to the beach and sit there.” “Where?” “There… Do you see the chair, right there?” “I go there and sit down.” “You sit down…” “What about the hose?” “I’m [...]

Borne of Summer


By Brian Fuller The languid days of this southern summer month bore down on me. I thought of you. Maybe it was the memories of you that bore down on me; it’s hard to say at this point. It was damn hot nonetheless, and the parallelism was quite rewarding. I sat there reading, trying to [...]

Reading topographic maps


By Helen Heath Ash washed down to this gully. A sense of trespass persists like sneaking into an old lady’s backyard. The trickle of the creek makes me want to pee. The hills are angry parents and we are a pair of ticks, with our teeth in the skin of the land. My father tells [...]



By Helen Heath The door pushing open, rubs against thick carpet wakes me Justine, he says, shhh, …… * In the quiet of plum tree leaves I’m hidden like a smear of blackbird shit. The corrugated iron fence flakes dry-blood paint. Fingering the pale crescent above my knee. * Shh, shhh shhhhhhh. * The bark [...]

Going places


By Helen Heath i Bicycles let us roam further me and my brother, our legs and hearts pumping when he lets me tag along. We go places I haven’t thought of – firebreaks, stormwater drains, the bamboo thicket down by Waiwhetu stream so dense only children can wriggle through to the heart of it. There’s [...]

The Locked Room Problem


By Alberto Chimal (For Alberto Buzali) Horatio Kustos has had the Locked Room Problem for some time now. We don’t mean to say that he’s a crime fiction writer: he, who can find wonders everywhere, doesn’t have much of an imagination. “Although the ‘Locked Room Problem’,” Dionisio Tartán said in 1996, at a public lecture [...]

The Early Show


By Emma Alvarez Gibson I know why you were there your blue shirt and awkward graying hair said almost as much as the wall of silence you wore, and the waves of fear that rippled out away from you, stony, careful. I could hear you preparing your reasons for the leaders of an inquisition that [...]


Subtext (Photo by Emma Alvarez Gibson)

By Emma Alvarez Gibson There are people who do not say I miss you; they listen for smoke signals in spaces others fill with words. They recall names and events, they offer only things you hadn’t the courage to ask for. I know when you’ve missed me: you want to tell me everything that’s happened [...]

Snow Blindness


By Emma Alvarez Gibson Clive Sheppard awakened one morning with a strange silence nestled in his being. An absence. And he knew then, suddenly. This is all you get, he said out loud, completely without warning, and yet as though reading from a manual. It was very much like the moment, twenty minutes or so [...]