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Kamiya Bar


By Dan Ryan   The old timers had been going there for over one hundred years, and I was finally back after more than twenty. It was Kamiya Bar, in the Asakusa part of Tokyo, and it was the oldest western-style bar in the city. Western as in high ceilings, with wood-veneer wall panels, chrome [...]

Henry’s Jug Of The Last—A Small Goodbye (dedicated to Ralph H.)

Dive Bar

By Dan Ryan   Henry said he was giving it all up for a very good woman, whom he had only met six months ago. He said he had to for her, and that the long nights and cement-nail hangovers were killing him anyway. But it made perfect sense to all of us that he [...]

Tokyo in the Underbrush


By Dan Ryan   If I had read the instructions more clearly, these photographs would have gotten me into the photography program at the Yale University School of Art. But, like an idiot, I submitted this portfolio in print form rather than on 35mm slides as was required. Anyway, long story short: I didn’t get [...]