By Kevin Byrne

you’re a white shark in the bloody murk
like the devil’s spawn, a butcher’s work
a grizzly growl on the mountain pass
setting panic that frays my nerves to glass

the viral ooze of a germy hand
in a thoughtless, lifeless, bony land
the lover’s fist that swats me down
or that painful suck before you drown

the clutching knifetwist in the chest
that foretold your fate and final rest
the one you ignored, the one you deplored
so you could run with the bulls til the bulls got gored

it’s all closing fast now, like a liquid seam
that pours from out some phantom dream,
it’ll end your quest and seal your fate
and lock you out the garden gate

so blaspheme the real and implore the fake
your heart’s for rent, your soul’s the take
kick and scream, do what you must
cuz there’s nothing left to know or trust

this, the world you made and know
where the catch all’s catch what the law lets go,
where you speak of freedom in tongues of rage
and youth gets raped so the old won’t age

it’s the so-called life you allegedly love,
of dog eat dog when push comes to shove,
but you’re underspell and you’ve overspent
now you’re pale and cruel and morally bent

so put your hands where my eyes can see
you endless joke, humanity …
the door got locked but the killer’s in here
and you’re all that’s really left to fear.


Photo by MSVG, used under a Creative Commons license.



A gonzo devotee, cat wrangler, and part-time drunkard who first got sucked into the journalism racket way back in 1991, Kevin Byrne – despite nearly 20 years of sheer unadulterated bloodshed and stress – still hasn’t been able to shake the fix he has for this now-notorious career choice, even when the whole damn medium began to collapse, in the words of Eddie Izzard, “like a flan in a cupboard.” A veteran scribe who feels all the wiser for having avoided the conventional pitfalls of his profession (i.e. NEVER do it for free) but still not arrogant enough to be demanding really big money, Kevin has worked as a print reporter, illustrator, TV news producer, music critic and entertainment blogger, and has been published in numerous alternative and online publications, including atU2.com, Smug, DVD Fanatic, PARADE Magazine, Entertainment Weekly and CBS.com (in both New York City and L.A.). He is honored to be working for the savvy and sexy staff of Jack Move. Contact him here.



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