Playlist: Songs to Scare You

By Katie Mehas

We couldn’t very well let our “Fear” issue pass us by without putting together a list of creepy songs. Emma and I would have had serious men in black suits and Robert Smith hair breaking down our doors to revoke our Goth Cards, and we can’t have that.

And so I give you: The Jack Move Playlist of Songs to Scare You. Before you get too worked up, we tried to avoid too many of the “scary song” clichĂ©s, so you won’t find “Thriller” on our list. Anyway, it’s too familiar to really creep anyone out these days. This playlist probably leans a bit to the stompy side, but I suppose that’s my own personal taste creeping in. If industrial music creeps you out too much, I won’t tell anyone if you skip a track or two.


Image by Flickr user Luz Adriana Villa A., used under a Creative Commons license.

Katie Mehas is a writer, editor, and left-brain artist (rarely spotted in the wild). She’s worked in magazine publishing and radio, had an R-rating slapped on her senior thesis art show, and was once laid off from her job via Facebook while on her honeymoon in Croatia. She and her husband live in Florida with their hermaphroditic chihuahua and three cats. Follow Katie on Twitter (@KTMehas) and find out more here.

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