knives in.

By Alec Rojas

what technique works better?
double or single roll,
the filter before or after,
tobacco or clean,
or shall i tie it tight on both sides?
this the closest i can get
to talking about a katana.

it’s a carefree practice
for you and me in the city.
i can only imagine
the pleasure for
nonbelievers and migrants,
equally revived
when they sit at our court.

yet the sparks miss our kindling and
all skill and craft is for naught.
that reverence, our communion…
and suddenly we can talk.

so teach me
something i refuse to learn
on a day where i am too afraid
to mingle our fingertips.


Photograph by Max Crowe, used under a Creative Commons license.

Alec Rojas had brief stints in Chicago and Nashville before returning back to his hometown of Los Angeles. He works for a law firm in the city and contributes to both and

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