Dear San Francisco: What change do you want to see?

By Amanda Rhoades

“What the hell do you need my name for?”, 88

“I want to get us out of the Middle East and work to make the economic gap less severe. I don’t think I’m going to see that change in my lifetime; it’s going to take years. I’m 88 years old and I moved to San Francisco to die here, I’ve always planned on that so now I’m just waiting for my time. But, I’m still out here, protesting and picketing. I was arrested twice during the Bush Regime for protesting against the War in Iraq. We all need to work to fix this world and all the unjust sh*t in it.”


Marissa Diaz, 18

“I want to see people relate to each other with more empathy. Underneath it all, no matter what, we’re all biologically human… I want to help create a sense of common humanity.”


Mickey, “On the downward slope of life”

“Change? Well, I’d say the first thing I’d want is for people to understand that they can change things. These days it seems like a lot of people don’t really think they can do anything about the world so they don’t try and things get worse. It becomes… a culture of self-perpetuating apathy. I’m here [at Occupy San Francisco] almost every day for a couple of hours, I do as much as I can before I get too tired. I want to show people that they should care and really fight for the things that matter to them because this is the world they’re going to grow old in if they don’t change things.”


Joe Fitzgerald, 25

“I want people to be more engaged in everything that happens around them, whether that’s their community or the news. That starts with education; I think people start out with a bad civics education and go on to be disengaged with the government, which makes them disillusioned because they don’t understand it. I think this country would be better if more people actually cared what was going on behind the scenes, whether they get their information from news or blogs or what have you.”


Ashley Allison,18

“As a Christian, social justice is really important to me because I believe that’s the core of what Jesus taught. As a Queer person, I would like to see greater equality in the community, not just in marriage rights but in terms of job security. I’d also like to see this for trans people, and a lessening of the violence against trans women in particular. As an American citizen, I want greater economic equality. I’m not opting for communism or anything like that, I don’t necessarily believe that we should all get the same amount of everything. But, I think there’s a minimum standard of living in this country that isn’t being met while the richest of the rich are far exceeding that standard.”



Amanda Rhoades is currently a student at the University of San Francisco, where she studies Media. When she’s not wandering the foggy streets of her new home, Amanda is reveling in her role as Jack Move’s resident intern or  reporting  for the San Francisco Foghorn, where she’s a staff photographer and writer.  More of her photography can be found at:

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