At Sea

By Kevin Byrne


when the wind of you

blew down the deck

and I saw the squall, your green-eyed wall

come surging over my bow,

I knew.


you wanted me caught in the surge ‘til I broke,

‘til I spoke words that shook loose

the safe mooring of this boring port,

sucked far into the maelstrom

like a feather,

a fool who thought he could read the weather.


I didn’t know how to steer

or keep clear in your shipwreck world,

yet you wanted the best of me unfurled

to you, your impetuous upstart soul making waves

that rolled over my dumb hulking heart.


I tried to belay the melodrama,

steering hard into libidinous wind,

blind to my mind’s billowing red silk warning,

sailing possessed to the angry point of an alien horn

where I survived, barely alive and torn

apart by every brutal stinging lash of your past


yet I anchored fast and waited for the churn,

your tidal turn, that deep surge

of wild unfathomable feeling that always swept me away…

but things change so fast at sea

and the day you went slack, you gave nothing to me.


now weathered, adrift with no compass,

and nothing resembling a map,

I am no longer a siren’s ransom

and my memory at most is not of you but a ghost,

a banshee in the form of a passing storm

that left me alone on the transom.


A gonzo devotee, cat wrangler, and part-time drunkard who first got sucked into the journalism racket way back in 1991, Kevin Byrne – despite nearly 20 years of sheer unadulterated bloodshed and stress – still hasn’t been able to shake the fix he has for this now-notorious career choice, even when the whole damn medium began to collapse, in the words of Eddie Izzard, “like a flan in a cupboard.” A veteran scribe who feels all the wiser for having avoided the conventional pitfalls of his profession (i.e. NEVER do it for free) but still not arrogant enough to be demanding really big money, Kevin has worked as a print reporter, illustrator, TV news producer, music critic and entertainment blogger, and has been published in numerous alternative and online publications, including, Smug, DVD Fanatic, PARADE Magazine, Entertainment Weekly and (in both New York City and L.A.). He is honored to be working for the savvy and sexy staff of Jack Move. Contact him here.

“Pier” image courtesy of Amanda Rhoades

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