By Emma Alvarez Gibson


It’s a fear of death by shame,

of giving in to voices

that have long  tried to bury me.


I do it because not reaching the high

means feeding the low.


Because if I don’t stay in motion

the sucking of sludge begins to sound

inexorably sexy.


Because I miss you means I need you

and I need you means I probably

can’t have you;


because I have a big mouth

and I’ve always known my place;


because sleeping at night means giving in

and sleeping while the sun shines

is a choice.


Because I suspend everything

until I hear from you.


I wait, and I pace.



Photograpy: Emma Alvarez Gibson. All rights reserved.

Emma’s unofficial motto has long been “PUBLICATION OR BUST!” Jack Move is her fifth from-scratch magazine. A writer and creative gun-for-hire, she’s had a hand in all types of media, at every step in the process. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and son. Follow her on Twitter (@ealvarezgibson) and find out more at

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