One potent question

by Alexandra Franzen

Towards the tail-end of 2010, I had the profound privilege of attending Marie Forleo’s Rich Happy and Hot LIVE conference in New York City. Three months later, I’m still shimmering with electricity. If you were there, you’d understand.

The brilliant exercises, ideas and speakers I was exposed to at RHHLive left an indelible mark on my gray matter. But one critical question — which sprang from the lips of Marie Forleo herself — sucker-punched my entire approach to work, writing and this little ol’ thing called life.

“If you were the best in the world at what you do, how would you behave?”

> Would you wake up at dawn, set your intentions for the day, and get crack-a-lackin’?

> Would you spend 15 minutes an hour on Twitter, or 15 minutes a day?

> Would you obsessively check your email, or would you keep your inbox CLOSED for the majority of the day, so you can frickin’ WORK?

> Would you agonize over other people’s careers — people who seem more successful and popular than you — or would you celebrate their successes and learn from their models?

> Would you send gawky, icky groupie-style fan mail to people you idolize, or would you approach them respectfully, as your esteemed peers?

> Would you waste valuable energy fretting and frittering with minutia (document formatting, toilet cleaning, button mending), or would you hire professionals to help you create “white space” in your life?

> Would you accept every new client, opportunity and request that comes your way — or would you choose your projects with gracious discernment?

> Would you say YES to dinner with an unexpected advocate, mentor or collaborator?

> Would you say NO to (most) unpaid gigs and pro bono requests?

> Would you move to a larger city, and start playing BIG?

> Would you build humanitarian structures, scholarship funds and charitable events into your business model?

> Would you blog about what you ate for breakast, or publish articles with resonance and legacy potential?

> Would you raise your rates?

> Would you take a sabbatical?

> Would you sell your TV?

> Would you write a book?

> Would you hire an assistant, or find an intern?

> Would you do what you say you’re going to do?

> Would you make yourself more accessible, or more elusive?

> Would you hire an outsource business partner? An image consultant? A virtual decorator? A voice coach? A brand positioning strategist? An intuitive? An astrologer?

> Would you take, teach or curate a course?

> Would you slice negative people out of your life?

> Would you learn to meditate?

> Would you change your name?

> Would you make eye contact?

> Would you hold yourself accountable?

> Would you treat your TIME as the invaluable, finite, non-renewable resource that it is?

> Would you change, slash, or straight-up kill your to-do list?

> Would you fill your days with objects, scents, music, textiles, fonts, colors, literature, systems, foods, festivities, experiences and HUMANS that make you feel strong // vibrant // galvanized // greater-than?

> Would you scrabble along, or would you SOAR?

Redesign your life with the knowledge that lofty intentions and aspirational goals are not the same as elite, concrete behavior. Conduct your daily affairs like a champion. And watch yourself become The Best.


Alexandra Franzen has been lauded as “Spock, but with a sense of humor. And better  hair.” As a writer + editor + organization freak, she pens shimmering webcopy, wrangles communications for pro-bloggers  and teaches wallflowers how to hustle likea gangsta’. Find her blogging up a storm at Unicorns for Socialism and tweeting away @Alex_Franzen.

Image by Mackenzie Kosut, used under a Creative Commons license.

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