Going places

By Helen Heath

Bicycles let us roam further
me and my brother,
our legs and hearts pumping
when he lets me tag along.
We go places I haven’t thought of –
firebreaks, stormwater drains,
the bamboo thicket down by
Waiwhetu stream so dense
only children can wriggle
through to the heart of it.
There’s a dollar note
in the Avalon culvert. It’s brown
like the mud it was stuck in.
I peel it out, it’s mine.

Justine drives us in her dad’s car,
looking for parties, circling,
mouth is alive, with juices like wine
and I’m hungry like the wolf.
We sort the jellybeans by colour,
There are always too many black ones.
Parked up at the Petone foreshore, watching
the lights across the harbour.
I want it.
The cool will come by osmosis when I get there
or something.

Photo by reiearth. Used under a Creative Commons license.



Helen Heath promotes award-winning books for a top New Zealand publishing house and teaches people how to use social media to promote their business, by day. By night she hangs out on Twitter and blogs about writing, poetry and creativity. She’s been blogging on and off since 1999. She was accepted into the most prestigious creative writing school in New Zealand and completed her MA with Merit in 2009. Her thesis is a book of poetry, which she is currently preparing to approach publishers with. Her poetry has been published in many journals in New Zealand and Australia. Visit her at helenheath.com.

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